Responsible Care Program

Sinteplast S.A. adheres to the Responsible Care Program (in Spanish, Programa Responsable cuidemos el Medio Ambiente®), an international program in the chemical and petrochemical industry whose main objective is to improve the performance in the areas of occupational health, safety and environmental management.

It is a real commitment on the part of the Management to achieve above average legally enforceable standards.
To Sinteplast S.A., environmental sustainability and health and safety at work are major aspects in connection with its activities.
In addition to adapting its products, equipment and processes towards environmental optimum conditions, Sinteplast trains its staff and works with customers, suppliers and the community to achieve a maximum level of environmental awareness.
As an example of this, and within the framework of the program, Sinteplast implements courses of action based on the concept of "continuous improvement" as follows:

» Decreasing the amount of waste -hazardous or not- generated by its operations through formidable reduction/recycling and recovery/reuse techniques.
» Adapting processes towards the "zero industrial liquid effluent” goal.
» Carrying out research for the continuous development of non-polluting product lines.
» Providing advice to industrial customers on the use and rational application of products, to minimize waste or emissions and to prioritize workers’ health and safety.
» Providing safe and healthy work conditions, so as to prevent workers from being exposed to any hazardous agent; providing the highest level of electrical safety, and optimum maintenance of tanks and production equipment; carrying out an ergonomic study of operational positions, and ensuring the correct use of protective clothing and personal protection.
» Providing continuous support to the activities of Fire, Evacuation and First Aid internal Brigades.
» Carrying out training activities on safe work practices and methods, safe operating procedures; and raising awareness of the Responsible Care Program.
» Enforcing an "Open Doors” policy" for the Community at large, proud to show the distinctive level of our Environmental Management.
Recently and among the member industries of the Responsible Care Program, Sinteplast S.A. has been honored by the Argentine Chamber of Chemical and Petrochemical Industry for its high level of compliance in 2008.

Sinteplast S. A. is audited by IRAM regarding the faithful implementation of the Responsible Care Program.